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Quality Lawn Services For Beavercreek and Surrounding areas.
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Lawn Seeding Beavercreek,OH

Seeding Services Beavercreek and Surrounding areas

Are you looking to re seed your lawn or just patch some areas in the Beavercreek area? Slice seeding utilizes a small machine with discs to pierce the turf and deposit the best premium grass seed for your yard, into the newly created grooves for maximum germination of seed.We employ a “crisscross” pattern across the lawn to obtain the best possible results. With this method of seeding you will get better results and more grass growing then the traditional method of just spreading seed over the top of the turf. The grass seed is more protected under the soil from animals, rain water runoff, and sun scorch, compared to lying on top of the ground.


Overseeding can be a much more affordable solution to lawn seeding. This process involves dethatching the lawn to expose visible soil. Then we broadcast the correct amount of seed over these areas and make sure the seeds are getting good soil contact by raking over areas.

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Did You Know

Overseeding lawns in fall reduces or eliminates competition from summer weedy grasses, such as crabgrass, foxtails, and other weeds.
Soil temperatures are still warm in the fall, which is necessary for seed germination, while the cooler air temperatures are better for grass growth.
Rain amounts and soil moisture is generally better in the fall.
Overseeding lawns in the fall gives the grass a head start. The roots have become established before winter, which greatly reduces crop loss should you have a hot, dry spring.

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"I have had many companies that have claimed they could thicken my back lawn, I have a lot of shade and nobody has ever been successful. I met with Jerald on the lawn and after he left I knew he knew his stuff. He designed an entire program for my lawn and now I have a thick green lawn and couldn’t be happier"

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